What Happens To Prayer Requests?

There are four paths that your requests for prayer can take, here at Resurrection.

  • Prayers of the People
  • Prayer Intercessors
  • Daughters of the King
  • Anointing and Prayer

When you ask for the prayers of the church, that request will be placed in the Prayers of the People, and will also go to the prayer intercessors.  Intercessors are members who volunteer to  pray intentionally through the week for those who have requested prayers. To initiate this process, simply fill out a card with red printing on the ushers’ desk.

Of course, we all can and should pray, but certain individuals volunteer to spend time intentionally in prayer.We can always use more prayer intercessors, so if you would like to volunteer, simply tell Marty, our church secretary by calling 512-459-0027.

The Daughters of the King, led by Helen Paulsen carry on a vital prayer ministry, and people often request their support.  Filling out a prayer card with blue printing and placing it in the box on the ushers’ desk  will initiate the Daughters of the King prayer ministry.

In addition to the above, the opportunity for anointing and prayer for healing is always available after services either in the chapel or at the altar rail after communion when there is a fifth Sunday of the month.  The comfort of this beautiful and very personal service is a real help, whether in time of stress or as an enhancement to our everyday lives.

And, of course, it is always appropriate to ask your priest to pray with and for you. There are many opportunities here at Resurrection for prayer be part of the basic framework of our lives, both in time of personal need, and in our daily lives together as a church.