Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

GoodshepherdThe Episcopal Church of the Resurrection offers children’s formation each Sunday for children ages 3-12, using Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  Time: 9:15-11:15am.  We have two atria.  Classroom 3 is for ages 3-6, classroom 2 is for ages 6 and above.

One month we may focus on such subjects as prayer, the Bible, the Good Shepherd, the items used in the Eucharist, and work that goes into preparing for the Eucharist (folding, pouring, etc.).  Another month, we may be discovering the geography regarding where Jesus was born, lived, died and rose again.  He lived in a particular historical time and place.  We use a globe, and a raised map of Israel, which the children are invited to touch.  They learn the cities and sea/river names, and can put the markers on the map. The work that follows, allows them to draw their own map, or color a map already made.

One request to church family members: we try to maintain a meditative tone in the atrium, so if you need to pop your head in during our session, please whisper! Before dropping your child off for the first time, please stop by after 10:15 am, or after the 10:30 Eucharist, if you are interested in this space either for your child, or for yourself if you’d like to assist in the room.  You can contribute to this beautiful ministry in all sorts of ways. See me on Sunday or email me.

Nursery Care

Many parents prefer to keep their infants and children with them in the church services, and we encourage doing that. If you would like nursery services, the nursery is available for all Sunday services from 8:00 am until after the 10:30 am service, with a dedicated, trained attendant.  Infants and children up through age five are welcome to use the nursery services.  The nursery is found to the left of the sanctuary in the north hall, in classroom 6. There is a changing table in the Women’s Restroom.

Safe Guarding God’s Children

The Diocese of Texas requires that everyone who works with children in any capacity whatsoever must be credentialed through the Safeguarding Program.  It is this program that has proved most effective at ensuring that children have a happy and safe experience in church.