Our Brotherhood of St. Andrew chapter has maintained a 30-year outreach ministry in which parish members donate blood to save lives in the community. We do this as a part of our personal stewardship, in thanksgiving for our many blessings. One unit of blood is very close to a tithe of the amount of blood in one’s body!
We encourage our donors to offer this prayer as they donate blood:

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the opportunity to love my neighbor in this special way. Take this blood, which I donate in thanksgiving for my good health, and use it to restore the life and health of an unknown brother or sister, in the name of Jesus. Amen.
We have donated more than 1400 units of blood during this time. The fact that a unit of blood is often broken into components before it is used means that we have probably touched some 2800 lives with our ministry. How many lives we have saved!
Since 2012, we have held three Saturday morning on-campus drives. In 2014 we offered 52 units to God’s healing work in our city. Although we slipped below our record of 65 units, we hope to resume our growth in 2015 beginning with our first drive on March 28. Watch for the opportunity to
sign up in February!
If you have not given before, give it some serious thought and prayer. How else can you tithe three times per year, and save a life or two?