During the months from November through February the parish hall is turned into a men’s shelter when the temperature drops below 34 degrees on Saturday nights. We take in up to 35 men, give them two meals, a warm place to sleep, and some clean clothing and blankets.  This ministry is run completely by volunteers. If you would like to be part of this ministry please let call the office and we will get you involved.

What happens on a cold weekend

Freeze night happens when the City of Austin determines that on a Saturday night the temperature is predicted to dip to 32 degrees or below, when it will be too cold for the homeless to sleep on the streets.

When that determination is made, the City will update their recording, and we will start making phone calls to our volunteers.  By 3:00PM volunteers will come to the parish hall to start cooking and setting up the tables for dinner. The homeless men arrive via bus at 6:00 P.M.

After dinner we open the Thrift Shop for the guys to get what they need. Also, clean-up begins and once finished the women go home, and any men not spending the night can leave.

Some of the guys can’t sleep and so they are more than willing to share their stories. They like someone to listen, and it is a blessing to interact with them. They leave at 6:00 am after straightening up the parish hall. The men spending the night do a final cleanup.

Needs: Blankets, Donations,
People to help with all facets of freeze nights to include:
Set up, men and women
After dinner cleanup, men & women
Men to spend the night
Men and women to show up at 5:30 to help get the men off and cleanup the parish hall