banjo billy xResurrection Episcopal Church is located in Crestview neighborhood which is situated as part of midtown Austin and we welcome all to participate with our faith community.

We encourage you to visit, worship with us, be with us and discern whether we could be a place of spiritual refreshment and service for you. Resurrection welcomes all people, that range from the skeptic to the committed believers. Our trust is that when two or three are gathered, Christ is there also!

This church is inspired by the good news of Jesus Christ, we seek to love and transform our lives and the world around us by celebrating God’s image in creation and in all people. Hopefully this website offers you an idea of our response, as a congregation, of who we are in relation to God. Happy Journey and blessings.

Please contact me if you have any questions about our congregation or the Episcopal Church.

Peace be with you,


The Rev. Billy Tweedie