We believe that when we worship we are accompanied by angels, saints, and each other.  Entering worship in a new place can feel intimidating and at times you may feel lost or confused trying to figure out what everyone is doing.  At, Resurrection our goal is to help you feel welcomed and at ease.  We honor all persons and do our best to guard each others dignity.  Please do not hesitate to ask our greeters at the door if you have any questions.  The following information hopefully helps you feel at home in our church.

Please note that many at our church gather before and after the service, while some go into the church early to prepare their hearts and minds for worship.  The ringing of the bell marks the beginning of the worship service.

In our space you will see that most of the attention is focused on the altar and on the cross. This is to prepare our hearts and minds to encounter God.

What you will find in the pew…

In the pews you will find the Book of Common Prayer which guides our worship and helps us participate in corporate worship. In addition you find a copy of the Episcopal Hymnal 1982, to help us sing the service music and the hymns. The ‘order of worship’, also known as bulletins, are handed out at the door will also help guide your worship experience at Resurrection.

You will notice that some sit, some kneel, and some stand and they may do so at different times.  All generally stand when we sing, for psalms, when we affirm our faith in the creed, share the peace, and for the Gospel reading.  During the prayers you will find that some stand and others kneel, please feel free to choose which ever is more natural to how you pray.  Please remain seated for Bible readings, sermon, announcements and anthems.

The different Services…

There are two main services on Sunday mornings. The first is at 8:30 a.m. in the Canadian Chapel. This Eucharistic service uses traditional language and has no music. The second service is at 10:30 a.m. in the main church.  This service uses modern language and music. Please know that whatever service you attend it will make more sense the more you participate from week to week.  Our hope at Resurrection is that people worship for one hour a week.

What are the people leading the service wearing?

There are usually people dressed in robes in the altar area. The different robes signify different ministries. Baptized ministers or Laity often wear a black robe called a cassock, and a white pullover called a surplice. Our acolytes wear a red cassock with a surplice, and our choir wears blue robes.

 The priest wears a white robe called an alb, which is a white tunic that covers their whole body. Over that the priest wears a stole, that colorful piece of fabric that goes around the back of their neck to the past their knees. At the Eucharist the priest will wear what is called a chasuble (a circular garment that covers most of the body). The color of the stole and chasuble are coordinated with the church calendar.

How can I get involved…

There are many ways to get involved in worship. The best way to discern is to spend time in worship and prayer and to let the priest know so that they can get you the proper training.