Acolytes assist the priest in service at the altar during worship services at Resurrection. This is a ministry that requires special training.

The duties of an acolyte include:

  • lighting of candles at the altar
  • handling torches for the service
  • handling communion plates
  • extinguishing the candles after the service
  • carrying the choir cross
  • carrying flag or banner if needed
  • helping the priest with communion
  • carrying the main cross
  • ringing of sanctus bells during the service at the appointed time.

Training and refresher meetings are held throughout the year.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is responsible for preparing the altar for each worship service and taking care of the vessels, candles and linens used in each service. Any confirmed member of the parish can be appointed to the Altar Guild by the priest. Members are assigned to one of four teams, and each team is assigned to one week of the month and responsible for the services held during that week. Two to three times a year, the entire Altar Guild meets for a workshop and a thorough cleaning of the church nave and sanctuary.


This ministry involves the administration of communion by lay persons as part of the Holy Eucharist. Words of administration are said when administering the chalice to communicants. The exercise of this ministry requires training and a license from the bishop which may be granted for up to three years. The proper vestment is a cassock with surplice. As a part of this service a person may carry the Gospel Book in procession, for the actual reading, and the recessional. There may be other occasions in which this person may perform acolyte duties and further participate in other types of services. Chalicists serve at the discretion of the priest.

Flower Guild

The Flower Guild is a subgroup of the Altar Guild; however, members are not required to be members of the Altar Guild. They are responsible for selecting fresh flowers from a wholesale or retail flower outlet and creating the floral arrangement that sits on the shelf behind the altar during a worship service. After Sunday morning services, the designated Flower Guild member removes and separates the arrangement into smaller arrangements for the Pastoral Care Ministers to take to members of the parish family unable to attend services or to a nursing facility.


The role of the Greeter is be the smiling and welcoming face of Resurrection, welcoming worshippers, answering any questions and helping the newcomer and long-time parishioner feel at home in the church and service.


The main purpose of the Readers’ Ministry is to serve through reading at services thereby helping to enrich the worship experience for all. Participants in this ministry add to our corporate worship by reading the scriptures and leading the congregation in the Psalm and the Prayers of the People. Training sessions are held periodically and most readers serve once or twice a month.


The role of the Ushers is to welcome worshippers into the church. The Ushers pass out service leaflets, assist persons with special needs, and pass the alms plates through the congregation during the offertory and bring the alms to the altar for presentation.

Unction Ministers

The Unction ministry provides an unction minister to pray for healing for yourself or others after or during Sunday services.